Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Deals without money!

Many people have let down by the government, by their employers and by the system within which they have spent their lives working. Middle Start isn't doesn't like rubbing in the bad news!!

We need money to pay the mortgage - everything else - priceless. The key to material security and money is no longer key to material security is the ability to make a deal to get what you need.

I have stuff you want and you have stuff I want, lets swap!! I write a blog, you read it! now your part of the deal is to watch these short videos from Rich Dad, Poor Dad!!

Click here for the link

Why do I want you to watch these videos - so we can start to do a deal!!

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Friday, 23 October 2009

Dog's a friend for life

I love animals, so much so that nowadays, I hardly ever eat them (sorry, that was a joke in poort taste)

Dogs tell us a lot about people. I love the Dog Whisperer and often borrow and reinterpret Cesar Milan's ideas to help me with my non-hairy friends. I have his complete Series I. Click here to find out more about the Dog Whisperer.

These are the delightful Chelsea Cats, who would make a nice dog's life hell. And Ben, see below, is a nice dog.

Getting a pet is a great decision. We have perhaps made too much of the bad publicity about pet owners, because pet animals are loving giving companions, who do everyone good, because they are so caring and much more resilient than their human counterparts.

If you think you have room in your life for a furry friend, think of Ben. A dog is good for your your mental health. Exercise, sunshine and going outside for walks improve your mood, and a close personal relationship protects you from depression.

Ben is cool and by association, you too can be cool. If you think you could give him a home, get in contact by clicking this link Ben's new friends are great


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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Never a borrower or a lender be - Stop the cancer of economic growth!

Stern optimistically suggests that it is possible to break the link between economic growth and emissions Click here for link

Who benefits from our addiction to "growth"? Only the significantly rich. And if you are reading this blog, you are not significantly rich, don't fool yourself. Rich means as many millions as you have thousands. Rich means not caring about what happens to anyone else and possibly your offspring, because they are the vehicles of your genes.

Most of us in the west already have plenty. You can only eat off one plate at a time and wear one pair of shoes at one time. Lets make the most of what we have. Instead of buying more shoes than we will ever wear, more credit cards than we will ever repay, more cars than we can drive, and ever more air miles, it is time to learn to be human. In the last 70,000 years our species has come a long way and now that we have conquered and almost destroyed the earth, it is time to take stock.

Instead of allowing the economy to grow like some massive cancer on the face of the planet, this recession is time to start thinking about what is important. Yes you need money to pay the mortgage, and to earn a living wage, but for everything else? Not so much!!

Far better to live a healthy life, than leave a decadent disease ridden mental corpse as a rotting legacy to how you helped destroy life on planet Earth.

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More about money

Although I originally put this on Doctor Bloggs, it belongs here more naturally.

Understand what is happening to our money supply
Click here for a link to a film of 45 minutes that explains modern banking and money in way that you and your children have to understand if you are to survive financially

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Thursday, 3 September 2009

This video explains what is happening to our money supply far better than I can
Click here for a link to a film of 45 minutes that explains modern banking and money in way that you and your children have to understand if you are to survive financially

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Putting the O back in Good

This post comes out of my latest anxiety, first deal with anxiety - Money!

I have already put the post on two blogs and the great God Google gets annoyed if you post the same stuff on different blogs, Money is an ongoing source of anxiety and the link shows one way to deal with it.
so Click here for the link

In addition to mental strategies, I think that we need more.

We need a system that sits in the background, and directs our lives. Once upon a time, this was called faith in God. Between the ages of 3 and 12 I was a committed Christian until Go(o)d refused a request. Before this, he had regularly helped out. My final request was a step too far. Go(o)d and I fell out and our relationship broke down completely. I became in turn, an atheist, a Marxist, an Existentialist, a Humanist and finally a Libertarian.

Nonetheless, perhaps, by the age of 12, the go(o)dly system was already too deeply ingrained to be easily got rid of. Perhaps I failed to make an appropriate commitment to evil. Because throughout my life, I have believed that doing "right" was more important than earning money, getting promoted and becoming an important person.

As a result of my belief in doing right, I am the wrong side of 50, with a large mortgage, no proper job, a plethora of qualifications. The accompanying benefits are being over 50 I don't have to worry about breaking a finger nail. Having a mortgage means I have a house. No proper job means I have time to write about what is important and my qualifications mean I can get enough work to keep my head above water.

Further evidence that I am over fifty comes is that I have resurrected my faith and called it faith in Good.

Although I abandoned Go(o)d long ago, I still believe in what is Right, Intelligent, Good, Healthy and True. And may be I gave up on Go(o)d because over the centuries, few religions can boast that they have consistently stood for those values. Even the Dalai Lama is not above criticism. While he was busy meditating, the Chinese moved in and took his country. Why have the Chinese invaded Tibet? Because they could. It would have taken massive political skill to have maintained Tibetan independence. It is, nonetheless, a trick that HongKong seems to have managed.

Looking back, I never stopped believing in Good. Even when I was sectioned and imprisoned in an Gothic Edinburgh Hospital, I continued to believe that Good would overcome evil. That Right was better than Wrong.

I see every reason to believe in Good, as strongly now as when I was five. And this faith will happily last me for the next fifty years and well beyond.

In the meantime, back on Planet Earth, my book comes out in October - I have only done two or three of which I am proud

Treating and saving one or two patients who might otherwise have died
Setting up the Doctors Support Network with Dr Soames Michelson
Being awarded the Mind Mental Health Champion in 2008

and finally,
Writing Mood Mapping, although to be honest, most of the writing has been helped along by Gill Paul, my starring Copy Editor

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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sorting out expenditure

I do not know where other people are in life, but I wish I had been able to handle my money years ago - I still can't but I am finally angry enough to make sure I do it.

Again - ripped off by PC World, who sold me the wrong piece of kit. It would not matter if I could find the receipt, I could go back and give them a bollocking! but I can't because I can't find the receipt.

The reason - I have not kept my system for receipts up to date.

This is what my brother suggested I do three months ago, and I have done it a little bit, but not well enough
1 - set up an expenses system
2 - keep all receipts - not difficult, just put them in my purse when I collect my shopping
3 - Every now and again, enter them on an Expenses Sheet
4 - Each week I can see what I have spent - roughly, then I can cross reference it to bank statements etc and always have the receipts.

This is what it looks like when I have done it - it gives me a set of tables from which I can work out, at least some of the places my money goes. Just glancing at a bank statement is not good enough for the Inland Revenue and in the next few years, in Bankrupt Britain, it is going to be a battle between you and the Government as to how much exactly of their money they get! - this is the only way to win!!! know your figures better than they ever could!!

The picture is an Expense sheet

I have scanned in a completed sheet - so you can see how it works. It almost works at the moment and this is the only system that I have still be working at 3 months after I started.
Mainly I think because it tolerates my fits and starts of activity. It also looks after the receipts, which you staple to the side of the expense sheet.

Somewhere along the line, - a - I have not been disciplined enough about collecting the receipts and b - as I discovered today, I have not been keeping my cash book up to date. I am six weeks behind. It does not matter, as I can still catch up. But I seem to have terminally lost my PC World receipt

It may seem like a lot of extra work - and why not just spend and not worry about the consequences??

Lots of reason

Just spending - is a waste of mine and the planet's resources. Instead of getting a refund, I will have to sell the bit of kit on ebay - without the packaging because of course, that went out with the rubbish. I cant keep my house clean but my cleaning lady has a robust approach to rubbish and so gets rid of it. If she didn't the house would drown, and because she does, I lose things

Anyway - most people cannot afford a cleaning lady, so its irrelevant. She is excellent by the way, and looking for work!

No one said it was easy to be rich, if it was, we would all be. Nonetheless, there is no reason why more of us cannot be self supporting.

Rambling ideas

In my ideal world, we will all be our own businesses. Jobs will be an apprenticeship to learn tasks which you then sell to employers. In turn you employ other people to do your tasks.

People bank with each other, not with major banks. We have trust accounts with each other - each of us only pays another when he or she needs money for some reason or other. The rest of the time we work on trust. It works as long as everyone is trustworthy!! and does things properly! I have no doubt that out of this banking crisis will come many new ways of doing business. It is the monetary equivalent of Windows getting a virus that crashes every computer that uses it. A few people using a different operating system will look smug (those whose assets are in Land or Gold) Everyone else will have their work cut out, rescuing their data and then they will think of other ways to do things - partly back to pen and paper, and partly forward with new ideas.

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